On Indexing Multi-Valued Fields in AsterixDB
01 Jun 2021
This thesis details the steps taken to realize multi-valued indexes in AsterixDB, a big data management system with a structured query language operating over a collection of documents.
Query Optimization
An Experimental Survey of Evaluation Strategies for Constellation Queries
23 Jul 2019
Experiment-based characterization of five different approaches to the lost-in-space star tracking problem in the context of a new general framework.
Constellation Queries
Subgraph Isomorphism
Algorithm Analysis
Efficient Parameter Estimation for Human Microsatellite Mutation
04 Jan 2019
Efficiently estimating the parameters of a human microsatellite mutation model with an ABC-MCMC approach.
Human Microsatellite Mutation
Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
Empirical Analysis of Common Subgraph Isomorphism Approaches to the Lost-in-Space Star Identification Problem
27 Aug 2018
Analysis of various constellation queries for lost-in-space attitude determination.
Stellar Based Attitude Determination
Star Identification
Algorithm Analysis
When Zombies Attack! : Mathematical Modeling of an Outbreak Zombie Infection
23 Jun 2018
Replication of SIR-based zombie outbreak modeling paper and analysis of a new permanent eradication model.
Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)
SIR Models
Mathematical Biology
An Empirical Evaluation of Neo4J and Apache Cassandra for Astronomical Spatial Queries
18 Jun 2018
Runtime comparisons of various star queries between a distributed graph database and a distributed column store database.
Neo4J Graph Database
Apache Cassandra Column Store
Tycho-2 Dataset
Distributed Databases